Spray Paint

I never knew how fun and useful spray paint could be until now. I have found so many uses for it over the last couple of years and in this blog I will go into a few.

Things you can Spray Paint

  • Yard Decorations – I had an old plant stand that I almost got rid of, but after quickly spraying it with Rustoleum, it now adds a splash of color to my patio. I also have some other metal decorations that I plan to spray and place in the garden for a splash of color even when flowers are not in bloom.
  • Door Hinges/Light Fixtures – If you want to swap out your door hardware inexpensively, try spraying your hinges (or light fixtures) with Rustoleum in the desired finish. Each can is $3-$5 and will last quite a while (see Updating Door Knobs and Hinges).
  • Picture Frames – Pick up some inexpensive wooden picture frames at your local thrift store and paint them a fun accent color.
  • Metal Fence Panels – Sometimes fence panels get marked up or the paint gets chipped off over time. Try touching them up with some spray paint. When we built our Golf Net we also used black spray paint to match the additional hardware and metal pipe to the fence panels that were already there.
  • Desk Organizers – Those boring black office desk organizers don’t have to stay black. Try painting them an accent color to give your desk a splash of color.
  • Patio Furniture – Give new life to old patio furniture with some spray paint. It is amazing what a can of spray paint can do for dated patio sets or old metal benches.
  • Garage Sale Finds – I found a wall shelf for $1 that was an ugly blue, so I sanded it down and sprayed it red so I can put it up in my office as an accent. I also bought an easel for my daughter a while back and the wood was full of pen marks. Since I was already in spray painting mode, I painted it the same red as my shelf since it also sits in my office.

Bought this easel at a garage sale for $3 then spray painted it with left over paint to give it a fresh look


Tips for Working with Spray Paint

  • Work in a well-ventilated area or the fumes will get to you
  • Plan for overspray because you won’t see it all until the mist settles
  • Wear gloves because many cans get your trigger finger full of paint
  • Practice your technique on some scrap material first (I try to use long light strokes holding the can about 10” away)
  • Verify that the paint you are using is appropriate for the surface you are trying to paint
  • Sand first and blow off any dust with an air hose (this helps the paint adhere better)

For additional tips see this Expert Advice from Krylon.


Spray paint is so easy to use and in a few hours you can transform almost anything. Have you found any other interesting uses for spray paint? Feel free to share in the comment section below.


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