Kitchen Trashcan

I have always had intentions of converting one of my kitchen cabinets to a pullout trashcan, but haven’t felt like spending the money for a conversion kit. After staying with my friend this last weekend, I realized that she had a brilliant idea; combine and convert 2 drawers into a pullout trashcan! It was so simple, inexpensive, and such a great solution that I just had to share it. Unfortunately it won’t work for our kitchen, but maybe it will for yours.

Convert 2 drawers to a trashcan drawer!

Step 1: Check Feasibility

In order to do this, you need drawer faces that touch each other with no cabinet fascia between the drawers. If you do have fascia between the drawers, you could always remove it and attach it to the drawer fronts to keep the basic visual, although you will notice gaps on the side.

Feasible Drawer (no fascia between drawers)

Infeasible Drawer (fascia between drawers) – although still possible if you cut out the fascia and attach it to the drawer fronts as a visual

Step 2: Remove bottom of top drawer

Take the top drawer completely out of the cabinet and remove the bottom of the drawer. Depending on how your drawer was constructed, you can cut it out or you may be able to disassemble it neatly. Note that this could weaken your drawer, so you may want to brace the drawer in a square position before removing the bottom.

Step 3: Combine the drawers

After placing the top drawer back in the cabinet, you need to combine the top and bottom drawers into one large trashcan drawer. My friend used a thin white hardboard to do this, and I think that was a perfect and inexpensive solution. You can cut the hardboard to the full drawer dimension, essentially creating one large enclosed drawer, or you can just connect the drawers with two strips at the front (the latter is what she did). Using short screws attach the hardboard and verify that your drawer opens and closes properly before adding all screws.

Combine drawers using thin hardboard

My friend absolutely loves this solution, and it was such a graceful way of using what was already there. Do you have any other thoughts on disguising kitchen trashcans? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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