Garden Treasures

Flowers are beautiful, but unfortunately they aren’t always in bloom. Try putting some cute little knickknacks in your garden for that extra pop of color or fun. I’m always looking at thrift stores and garage sales for that garden treasure that will express my personality in my garden. Below are some images of treasures hidden in our garden and our neighbors’ gardens.

This $10 garage sale find adds great character to the garden, and with a drainage hole added, it is the perfect planter box.

“Betty” drinks from the pond as she rocks in the wind.

This caterpillar is tucked away in the vegetable garden, ready to eat those fresh cucumbers.

Adding a fountain to your garden can make for a very peaceful atmosphere, as the water trickles and the birds sing while bathing.

These frogs are ready to serenade you as you relax under the stars.

A pair of watchful owls.

These birdhouses were mounted on upside down flanged fence posts.

This colorful chicken dances in the wind.

Groupings of large rocks also make for a great accent.

This turtle peaks out from the garden.

What garden treasures do you have? If you don’t already have some, I encourage you to keep your eyes open the next time you go garage sale hunting. You can really express yourself in your garden, so why not take the opportunity to do just that?

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