Chop Saw Jig

Have you ever needed to cut 4 pieces of wood on the chop saw that were exactly the same length? How about 10 or 20 pieces? Well, watch the video below to see a simple jig that will allow you to make repeatable and accurate cuts on the chop saw.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to Jig Week here at Today I am going to show you how to set up a jig that will allow you to make consistent cuts on the chop saw.

To get started find a scrap 2×4 that is fairly straight. Make sure it is long enough to support the materials you are cutting and block up the ends if it significantly overhangs the saw. Go ahead and clamp the 2×4 onto the chop saw, and make a marker cut as a reference line of where the saw blade is cutting. Now, measure your cut out from this line, mark it, and use a Swanson square to extend the line on the 2×4. Now find a scrap block of wood, and make sure the end is square (you can also cut a piece off of your 2×4 before you start). Clamp the block down on your line, and you have a jig.

Before using the jig, test your cut length on a scrap piece of wood, especially if you need a very accurate cut, or if you are using expensive materials. To make a cut, square up your wood with the saw and push it against the block you just put in place.

I hope this is a jig that you can take back and use in your home improvement shop. Come back and check out some more jigs later in the week. Thanks!


Jig Week Series:

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