Table Saw Jig

Have you ever tried to rip material on a table saw and had it continually pull away from the guide? Well, I have a jig just for you. Watch the video below to learn more.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to the conclusion of jig week at Today I am going to show you one final jig that will help when ripping materials on the table saw. So what is the problem? Well, typically the material wants to pull away from the guide as you feed it into the saw, and sometimes the material even wants to kick back towards you. Not only does this cause a potential safety hazard, but it also makes for a very unclean and crooked cut. So how do you solve this? You got it, with a jig. For this jig you need a couple pieces of scrap wood. The first is just a block of wood (I used the end of a 2×4), and the second is a thin piece of wood that will bend (I used 1/4″ MDF/Hardwood that was approximately 1″x15″). Fasten them together with a couple of nails, and you have your jig. So how do you use it? Well, that is what I will show you next.

To use the jig, you first want to clamp it to the table saw as shown. You want to line up the “spring” end just before the saw blade (to avoid pinching the wood as it cuts), and about 1/2″ to an 1″ in from the edge of the wood you are cutting. To check if your jig is placed correctly, go ahead and slide your material into the saw and make sure you can push it through the jig. You’ll notice that you can’t pull the wood back out, which is due to the tension caused by the jig (this is what prevents it from kicking back and holds it snug against the guide). So now lets see how it works.

As you can hopefully see, the wood came out with a nice straight and clean cut. The best part is that this jig is so simple to setup, that you can use it anytime you have to rip material.

Well, that concludes “Jig Week” here at DIYProjectBlog. I hope I have shown you some valuable jigs that you can take home to your shop, helping to make your next DIY project more efficient. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions, and I hope that you will continue to follow the DIYProjectBlog as I continue to write about DIY tips, tools, and projects. Thank you!


Jig Week Series:

4 thoughts on “Table Saw Jig

  1. This is a good suggestion. I wish we could use it for a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood!! If you are a DIY type of person when it comes to crown molding, we have to suggest checking out our product too! It takes minutes right of the box to be able to use our crown molding jig. Another great way to bypass the professionals. Us the tools they use! Thanks!

    • We have talked about adding crown molding, so I will have to check out your product. Since I am a DIY type of person, you can bet I’ll be doing it myself 🙂

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