Build and Grow

Build and Grow

Lowe’s has a great program for kids called “Build and Grow”, where they offer FREE kids clinics every other Saturday (sign up at Each clinic, a different wooden kit is featured, and your child gets to use a mini-hammer and nails to build it. Each child is also issued there very own Lowe’s Apron (with name tag) and goggles, which they get to keep. You have the option of bringing the kit home or building it in the store, but to make it special, I strongly suggest staying in the store with all the other “little builders”. When your child completes the build, they are issued a certificate and a project patch, which can been sewn onto their apron. This is such a great program, and it is a great opportunity to get your children involved with projects at a young age.

This past weekend was our first time attending one of these clinics, and it was a blast! I was worried my 2-yr old daughter might be too young, but we decided to check it out and see for ourselves. We built a gingerbread house, complete with decorative stickers and a roof that opens up. Although my daughter couldn’t build the kit completely on her own, she was intrigued by the process, and quickly learned how to use a hammer and hit the nails. An adult’s help was necessary to get the nails to drive in completely, but it was an interactive project, involving the entire family (Grandma and Papa even joined us to see what it was all about). When we added the candy stickers at the end, the gingerbread house came to life, and my daughter’s eyes lit up. She was so proud of her build, and she carried her house as we left, showing it off to everyone we passed. I asked if she wanted to do it again next time, and she nodded her head up and down with a great big smile.

Build and grow

build and grow 2

The upcoming clinics are listed below, or you can check the website as clinics get added. If you don’t want to wait for the next clinic, you can also buy some of the Build and Grow kits at Lowe’s for $8-$10 each. I encourage all of you with kids to at least go once, after all, how often are opportunities like this offered so often and for free?



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